Einige Eindrücke aus unserer Zeit in New York
A few impressions from our 4-year stay in New York City

Unser Haus und unsere Wohnung - Our apartment building
Unser Haus, der Steg vor unserem Haus und unsere Wohnung
Our building, the pier in front of it and our apartment

Der Blick aus unserem Fenster
The view from our window

These two great pictures below were taken by our good friend William N. Kilarjian
They are not only proof of how skillful a photographer he is
but are also bear a special sentimental value for us - we walked by and saw both buildings
daily when we looked out of our office windows

Trump World Tower
Manhattan, 845 UN Plaza

UN Secretariat Building
Manhattan, 1st Ave. at 46th St.
© W.N. Kilarjian/Templar Group-Media. All Rights Reserved

Warum wir eigentlich hier waren - die Arbeit!
The reason why we were there - work!

Einfach nur so - just for fun

Kurz bevor wir gingen... - shortly before we left...

Rückkehr nach 5 Jahren... - mehr dazu hier
Back after 5 years... - check it out here


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